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James is an artist, lover, human, dancer, grandson, villain, support worker, lefty, cousin-to-a-Tory, workshop practitioner, baddie, goodie, half-Romani Gypsy. He is all and none of these things. Just like you.

James creates theatre, performance and public events to allow genuine moments to occur between performers and audiences. His work draws upon and subverts the traditional craft, tools and structure of dramaturgy; experimenting with form as a way of framing authenticity. Or, in simpler terms, it’s about real things happening in unusual places.

It’s live, risky, honest and often humorous – always beginning and ending with the people in the room. James makes work that his mum would like; she doesn't have an arts degree, but a keen eye for bullshit.

What's next? 

Forest  a performance exploring obsession, (porn) addiction, fragments of memory and the experiences that create our ‘identity’. Possibly featuring broccoli.

Forest will premiere at HOME Manchester on 23-25 January as part of PUSH 2019. It is developed in collaboration with Leentje Vande Cruys and commissioned by HOME & Arts Council England.

Hungry – A safe space for an unsafe conversation; 10 participants prepare and eat food together whilst talking about porn, sex and obsession. 

PornHub – Can’t say much here yet, BUT it involves adverts, green screens, Batman, Barbie and PornHub.  

Fighting for Men – A project featuring boxing, mortal combat, wrestling and sex, being developed in collaboration with Queer working class artist Gareth Chambers. Tune in soon. Arts Council England, Back to Ours and St. Paul’s Boxing Gym (Hull).  

*​Proper fancy website coming soon*

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